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Enhanced Drilling secures multi-year frame agreement with Equinor

Enhanced Drilling has announced a new contract with Equinor, a five-year frame agreement that includes all Enhanced Drilling technologies: CTS, RMR, MPC, EC-Drill, and EC-Drill Dual MPD. The deal represents the first of its kind for Enhanced Drilling.

The frame agreement, already in effect, is for operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with the intent of future global use. 

Its EC-Drill is a Controlled Mud Level (CML) system, where the wellbore pressure is accurately managed using a subsea pump attached to the riser. The system operates with subsea annulars, enabling full pressure management across all well sections.

The frame agreement also includes EC-Drill Dual MPD, a Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system combining two MPD methods. The technology operates by default in CML mode with the ability to seamlessly switch to Surface Back Pressure mode, enabling the best of both MPD worlds.

“We are thrilled to announce the continuation and expansion of our enduring collaboration with Equinor through this comprehensive frame agreement,” said Kjetil Lunde, CEO of Enhanced Drilling. “We look forward to leveraging our cutting-edge technologies, including CTS, RMR, MPC, EC-Drill and EC-Drill dual MPD, to enhance Equinor’s operational efficiency and contribute to the success of their projects. We are excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead in shaping the future of the oil and gas industry.”

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