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Enhanced Drilling highlights CML system at opening of Houston facility

At the opening of its Training and Technical Center in Houston, Texas, on 13 April, Enhanced Drilling showcased its EC-Drill controlled mud level (CML) system, a managed pressure drilling (MPD) technology that allows for the manipulation of bottomhole pressure (BHP). The system controls the BHP by adjusting the fluid level in the marine drilling riser, which adjusts the hydrostatic pressure applied. Unlike the surface backpressure systems, which relies on an underbalanced drilling fluid density during drilling, the CML system relies on overbalanced drilling fluid density.

At the event, DC spoke with the company’s CEO Kjetil Lunde and VP Americas Anthony Spinler about the value EC-Drill can provide, especially in terms of drilling otherwise “undrillable” wells. They also discussed the future of MPD operations and why the technology is gaining popularity in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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