DNV releases new additive manufacturing service specification for energy industry

DNV has released a new service specification document with the aim to support stakeholders across the additive manufacturing (AM) value chain to ensure AM products, assets, and systems are safe and efficient. The specification can support the global oil and gas and other energy industries to adopt AM technology for gaining cost and efficiency benefits while maintaining safety.

The new service specification, DNVGL-SE-0568, is being launched to define DNV’s additive manufacturing qualification scheme. It provides the basis for obtaining and retaining DNV statements and certificates for the endorsement of facilities and digital products/services, qualification of manufacturers, build processes, parts and part families, AM machines and equipment, and AM personnel. This is in accordance with the industry standard DNVGL-ST-B203, that DNV created for additive manufacturing in the oil and gas, energy, digital and heavy industry sectors.

“To enable additive manufacturing technology’s widespread use and help it to fulfil its potential in disrupting operations and maintenance in industry, there needs to be a greater level of confidence in the products required in its ongoing use,” said Brice Le Gallo, Regional Director, Energy Systems, APAC and Director of the Global Additive Manufacturing Centre at DNV.

DNVGL-SE-0568 is part of a portfolio of DNV Additive manufacturing related standards and recommended practices for the oil and gas and offshore industries.

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