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The Open Group OSDU Forum launches OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release

The Open Group, a vendor-neutral technology consortium, has announced the Mercury Release of its OSDU Data Platform. Developed by the Open Group OSDU Forum – which includes companies like Shell, BP and IBM – the OSDU Data Platform is an open source, standards-based and technology-agnostic data platform for the energy industry that stimulates innovation, industrializes data management, and reduces time to market for new solutions.

“Being a founding member of the OSDU Forum, BP has had an opportunity to be part of an organization that is fundamentally changing the data landscape for our industry,” said David Eyton, EVP Innovation and Engineering at BP. “By integrating energy organizations, cloud services providers, and software vendors, the OSDU Forum is providing an opportunity for collaboration that will be beneficial for all involved. We are very excited about the Mercury Release of the OSDU Data Platform and look forward to expanding this approach into engineering, emissions, and new energy.”

Over time, the OSDU Data Platform will provide access to a vast portfolio of open and proven vendor-developed applications from a broad range of energy sources. By accessing this ecosystem, developers no longer have to develop and maintain the monolithic architecture needed to deliver unique value-add services. Now, with a single set of well-defined and industry-specific APIs, organizations can easily accelerate platform design and develop proprietary applications on top of the OSDU Data Platform.

With an open source approach, any company – from established corporations to start-up challenger companies – can contribute new features to the platform, supporting a variety of business workflows. All work is validated by the OSDU Program Management Committee (PMC) to ensure it is aligned with the overall direction of the Forum.

With a single view of industry data, the OSDU Data Platform can be harnessed for business applications. The Mercury Release of the OSDU Data Platform is now available to operators and software developers.

“At the heart of most energy companies’ strategies is embracing the transformational technologies taking us forward in today’s digital era. This makes the need for a common architectural design clear, one that underpins how our industry works with its data,” said Johan Krebbers, GM of Emerging Digital Technologies and VP of IT Innovation at Shell.

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