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Deepwater well stimulations completed in US Gulf using Trendsetter’s STIM

Trendsetter Engineering recently completed two deepwater well stimulation campaigns for major operators in the US Gulf of Mexico. These two campaigns resulted in the successful acid treatments of a combined six wells. The wells ranged in water depth from 6,500 ft to 7,200 ft.

These campaigns come on the heels of a contract agreement to deliver hydraulic intervention and technical services via the Subsea Tree Injection Manifold (STIM) for a Hydrate Remediation and Flowline Flush Project in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Trendsetter STIM offers a 15,000-psi rated subsea safety system designed to provide hydraulic well access for both vertical and horizontal tree types in up to 10,000-ft water depth. In addition to hydraulic well stimulation, the STIM unit has been used and is capable of supporting various other hydraulic intervention operations, including hydrate remediation, bull heading of kill weight fluid and cement, as well flowline flushing and testing operations for both pre- and decommissioning.

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