September/October 2022

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Drilling Rigs: Operational & Energy Efficiency
Autonomous drilling at scale: How close are we?
An automated rig has been piloted in the Permian, but economic and interoperability challenges will likely keep near-term focus on automating specific tasks that can realize tangible efficiency gains

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Zero-emission power-generation system in development
for land rigs using hydrogen fuel cells

By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Maersk relies on new ways of working to drive energy efficiency without large capital investments
By Lola Caballero, Rune Loftager, Konstantin Puskarskij and Johan Karlsson, Maersk Drilling
Noble harnesses nano-KPIs, global equipment data to deliver insights, drive consistency
By Bernardo Braunstein, Noble Drilling; John Rigg, TDE Digital
Manufacturers pave path to hands-free drilling with automated tubular handling
By Stephen Forrester, Contributor
Automation of tubular running services is set to transform rig floor operations
By Tracy Cummins and Scott McIntire, Weatherford International
Improving Rig Safety
Safety tools in the digital age: Intelligent tracking systems provide new methods of keeping personnel out of harm’s way
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Surveillance system tracks movement of personnel and equipment to reduce risk of injury in rigs’ red-zone areas
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
2021 IADC ISP report shows rise in incidents and fatalities,
highlights need to renew focus on safety
Workforce Development & Training
Corporate culture shifts can help industry retain Gen-Z workers
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
IADC Connection
From the President: Collaboration, ingenuity will be needed during energy expansion
By Jason McFarland, IADC President
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Drilling Ahead: New IADC ISP report highlights worrisome backslide in safety
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
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Perspectives: Jacob Bruster, Unit Drilling – Teaching rig crews can be as rewarding as teaching kids, but you have to know how to build trust
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
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