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Cloud-based solutions allow use of remote simulations for dynamic positioning training

Kongsberg Digital’s cloud-based solutions have been temporarily approved for dynamic positioning induction courses

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) and The Nautical Institute have approved a remote simulation solution for dynamic positioning (DP) induction courses.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kongsberg has been ramping up the delivery of cloud-based eLearning and remote training solutions to support education and training institutes. The latest addition is a remote DP simulation application, which enables instructors to continue providing their students with mandatory DP simulation-based education through remote access to Kongsberg’s K-Sim DP technology.

The Nautical Institute has reviewed and approved the use of Kongsberg’s cloud-based remote DP simulators, equivalent with the NI Class C DP simulators required for the DP Induction courses. By temporarily approving remote simulation training, The Nautical Institute is helping the industry to maintain mandatory DP skills through the pandemic. The remote training solution is valid until 1 April 2021, with the option to further extend approval.

Over the past 10 months, cloud-based simulation has proved indispensable in enabling training centers to deliver essential courses. KDI’s eLearning modules and remote training solutions provide online access to many of the company’s high-fidelity simulators via the K-Sim Connect portal, enabling distance learning and permitting students to continue to take courses and acquire basic skills outside the training center.

“I strongly believe that the new cloud-based simulation solutions we are now providing represent the future of maritime training and will continue to act as cost-effective teaching aids when COVID-19 has been consigned to history,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice-President, Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

Qasim Masood, Accreditation Manager, Dynamic Positioning Department, The Nautical Institute, added: “The functionality of Kongsberg Digital’s remote DP solution has been demonstrated and found fit for purpose. It has therefore been temporarily approved for remote DP Induction Courses until the end of the COVID-19 period. It is, of course, subject to continual review as its usefulness for instructors and trainees alike is unquestionable.”

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