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Brazil’s ANP sees human factors as next frontier in drilling safety and performance

Brazil’s E&P regulator ANP is working with a broad range of industry organizations, including the International Regulators Forum, on projects ranging from prevention of well control incidents to reducing risks related to the use of automated systems. In particular, the regulator is also focused on incorporating human factors concepts into its work. In this video with DC from the 2022 IADC International Deepwater Drilling and Human Performance Conference in Rio de Janeiro on 7 December, ANP’s Superintendent for Operational Safety and Environment Raphael Moura talks about those ongoing projects.

The video also references an online tool called Virtual Raphael that helps to identify human errors and influencing factors. To use the tool, please visit this link. Then download the original set of codes and reports on Github at this link. Upload them to Matlab online (one by one, not the zip folder), then upload the report you wish to classify (English only). Then click the file “reportClassifier_pretrained.m” and click run. It will open a window asking for a report to be selected.

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