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ART DCS Subcommittee plans survey on IADC Daily Drilling Report

The IADC Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee, under the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee, is writing a survey on usage and value of the IADC Daily Drilling Report (DDR). The subcommittee is undertaking a review of the IADC tour sheet and plans to revamp the form in print and electronic formats. The DDR Plus project will also include work to map rig sensors to drilling states and to develop guidelines for rig sensor stewardship.

The project is divided into three stage gates:

Stage Gate 1: content and format, to cover:

  • Rig states needed to enhance existing IADC DDR;
  • Purposes for the DDR; and
  • Digitization.

Stage Gate 2: rig sensor mapping to states

  • State automation identification and
  • State performance.

Stage Gate 3: Rig sensor stewardship

  • Maintenance:
    • Condition-based/usage and
    • Schedule
  • Specification: Sensor signal requirements, framework.

Further, a workbook comparing and analyzing drilling states is now available on the ART Committee website. The workbook was developed by John Macpherson for the DSATS Drilling States Initiative.

The DCS Subcommittee is chaired by Nathan Moralez, BP, and co-chaired by Robert van Kuilenburg, Noble Corp. The group’s next meeting will be held on 19 April at IADC’s Houston headquarters. Click here to register.

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