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87-stage well completed in 85 hours for Devon in Powder River Basin

NCS Multistage completed an 87-stage Devon Energy well in 85 hours for Devon Energy – less than one hour per frac stage, NCS announced. All fracs were single-point injection using NCS Multistage’s coiled-tubing frac system. During one stretch, 40 fracs were performed in a record time of 24 hours, an average of 36 minutes per stage.

The well is located in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming. The NCS Multistage casing sleeves were run and cemented as part of the production casing string. During completion, the frac-isolation tool was run on coiled tubing to locate and open each sleeve. The completion was performed in a single coiled-tubing run.

“The Multistage Unlimited system performed beautifully in this extended lateral,” Joe DeGeare, NCS Multistage VP of US Sales and Operations, said. “Right now, operators want to control costs, and executing completions this quickly certainly helps. In addition, when we pulled our tool after the last frac, the well was full drift from top to bottom ready to produce. NCS has continued to refine the Multistage Unlimited system over thousands of wells, and that effort is paying off for our customers.”

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