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Zone monitoring system from Salunda offers real-time tracking capabilities

Improved personal protection and management of people working in the “red zone” of an offshore drilling rig is provided by a new real-time location system from Salunda.

The Crew Hawk system integrates multiple technologies into a reliable, robust zone management system that tracks the locations of people and moving equipment on the drill floor in real time, providing position tracking performance to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.

Utilizing a patented wireless network, with wearable locators attached to crew PPE and compact mag-mounted equipment sensors, Crew Hawk automatically triggers personalized warnings, and ultimately pauses moving equipment to prevent a collision if a worker is too close.

The individual is alerted to the risk of danger by an alarm on the wearable device, with the system also preventing the equipment from moving until the individual has left the area and returned to a secure location.

An intuitive user interface allows swift set-up to create a portable safety system that can be rapidly deployed across different zones. This enables enhanced safety levels to be established quickly, for example, in multiple work-areas during different operational, maintenance and upgrade activities.

Crew Hawk is ATEX and IECEx certified, and the technology can be upgraded with the incorporation of digital ranging cameras to provide an additional level of authorized work area access, safety and security.  Crew Hawk may be integrated with machine vision to discriminate between authorized and unauthorized personnel and detects those workers that do not have wearable sensors, providing a uniquely fail-safe solution.

Crew Hawk is operational on multiple rigs in the US Gulf of Mexico. As a result of comprehensive performance validation, Crew Hawk systems are now being rolled out across the global offshore oilfield drilling sector, including South America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

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