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Xvision Software launches first cloud-based technology to digitize offshore field development

Xvision Software has launched FieldAP, the first 100% cloud-based technology for the energy industry providing offshore project managers with an online tool for visual field development, digital planning and cost containment. The online tool is capable of accelerating project timelines by up to 80%, especially during the early concept and FEED phases. These time savings can drive cost savings as high as 70% across the life of the project.

FieldAP uniquely brings all offshore field development project data – assets and activities, both subsea and topside – into plain sight through easy-to-understand online 2D/3D visualizations. The tool’s digital working environment also provides the power of real-time multi-location collaboration, allowing users a lower risk of communications errors, reduced costs in the design process for the whole value chain by quickly finding the best solution and accelerated timelines across the life of a project.

Additional features of FieldAP include: quick and easy “drag and drop” operations to rapidly create new or replicate existing field layouts with a pre-developed 3D asset library or private vendor-specific asset library; the ability to immediately see all projects in process and connect the asset library and pre-defined activity costs to get an instant view of the cost consequences due to an action or change; and data import and export from any source with Rest API to integrate cost, pipe simulation, well production and other applications.

In 2016, Xvision worked in close cooperation with independent Swedish oil and gas operator Lundin Petroleum to ensure that the FieldAP solution was designed and streamlined for accommodating the working procedures and decision making processes used by field operators. Put to use for an offshore project in the North Sea, Lundin used FieldAP to quickly develop their own scenarios of field layout options and create a substantially more simple and intuitive visualization of the activity plan – more efficiently than any other tool the operator had used in the past. Lundin also had to collaborate with three different organizations on the project, which meant working across multiple disciplines and languages and increasing the complexity of communications, decision-making and project management. By using FieldAP, Lundin collaborated with all parties as one team, accelerated its project timeline by 30% and incurred minor errors and low periods of downtime.

“For offshore operators, subsea and topside assets are their most valuable players. The foundation of these structures comprises years of knowledge, engineering talent and commitment,” Olav Sylthe, Chief Technology Officer of Xvision Software, said. “Our technology-savvy world is moving to a cloud-based environment and in order for the oil and gas industry to respond to this trend, offshore assets must reside there too. Xvision Software is proud to launch FieldAP, the only visually collaborative platform available today for the energy sector that digitizes operations, manages assets, lowers costs and fast-tracks offshore projects in a rapidly changing market.”

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