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Wicklund: Oil and gas expected to maintain dominant share of global energy mix despite renewables push

Even as governments push for greater renewable energy production on the road to a low-emissions future, oil and gas remains as the primary force in the global energy mix, and oil and gas demand should increase over the next few years, said Jim Wicklund of Wickland & Associates. Among other things, European energy security concerns in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have countries looking to boost imports from other parts of the world.

Mr Wicklund said the US, in particular, is well suited to make up the post-Ukraine global supply shortfall through LNG exports, but a few hurdles remain to help producers realize that potential. In this interview with DC from the 2022 IADC Annual General Meeting in New Orleans, La. on 4 November, Mr Wicklund speaks about how oil and gas fits into the future energy mix, as well as the reasons why natural gas pipeline approvals will be a critical issue for US-based producers in the immediate future.

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