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Well-SENSE enhances capability with the launch of Active FLI

Well-SENSE has announced the launch of its latest FiberLine Intervention (FLI) development, ‘Active FLI’ at ADIPEC.

Active FLI builds on the capability of Well-SENSE’s fiber-optic downhole data acquisition system with the addition of a range of discrete measurement devices. These include single-point temperature and pressure sensors, with the addition of a casing collar locator for depth correlation. The tools are located in the FLI probe to capture measurements as it descends downhole and complement the distributed sensing, which takes place along the length of the fiber-optic lines deployed in the well by FLI.

Craig Feherty, CEO of Well-SENSE.
Craig Feherty, CEO of Well-SENSE.

The combination of single-point and distributed data provides enhanced well intelligence and allows events occurring in the well to be precisely located, verified and quantified via different data sets. This capability extends the use of FLI to a wide variety of applications across the complete lifecycle of the well such as completion verification, production profiling or integrity investigation.

“We are delighted to be launching our latest FLI technology at ADIPEC,” Craig Feherty, Well-SENSE CEO, said. “Earlier this year we secured significant investment from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) which has allowed us to further develop FLI and is supporting the commercialization process.”

“Active FLI is the only downhole-sensing system on the market to combine distributed and single-point data acquisition in one low-cost disposable tool,” Mr Feherty said. “This creates a much richer picture; it’s almost like comparing a 3D color video to a black and white photograph. Add to this, our simple, user-friendly plug and play deployment system and you end up with a customer-controlled, low-risk, low-cost system which can give you a clear insight into every downhole scenario across the lifecycle of the well.”

FLI is a complete intervention system and does not rely on wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing for deployment. It places bare fiber-optic lines into oil and gas wells to capture high-definition, real-time data. The length of the fiber acts as a sensor and delivers a complete temperature, pressure and acoustic profile of the well from top to bottom, simultaneously, over time.

The fiber, probe and all downhole electronics are single use and disposable, being left in the well to dissolve following project completion. The user-friendly, customer-operated plug and play system, combined with the disposable nature of the technology, means that intervention downtime, wellsite footprint, personnel requirement and associated cost and risk are all negligible.

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