Well Control School forms alliance with Drilbert Engineering

Well Control School (WCS) announced an alliance with Drilbert Engineering to provide advanced technical drilling operational training for the oil and gas industry. Drilling Supervision and Trouble‐Free Drilling courses, instructed by Drilbert Engineering Founder John Mitchell, are the main stay  for  the  courses  delivered  through  this  alliance.   These training classes will be  conducted at WCS Training Centers and in‐house training locations.

The  Drilling  Supervision  course  is  a  five-day course  blending  interpersonal  and  technical  skills  together to assist students in understanding their role as a supervisor.   Special emphasis is applied on professional behavior and work ethics.

Trouble‐Free Drilling course is a three-day course that assists adult learners in understanding how to  avoid  downhole  problems  such  as  stuck  pipe  during  drilling  operations.  The course  summarizes the physics associated with downhole problems and logical mitigation practices.


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