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Trelleborg launches extrusion-resistant elastomer seal for demanding environments

Trelleborg announced the launch of the new XploR S-Seal and XploR FS-Seal that have been developed for demanding high-pressure sealing environments.

Combining the benefits of integral support components with the flexibility of an elastomer seal, the XploR S-Seal and XploR FS-Seal are custom-engineered, spring-energized seals that offer the maximum extrusion resistance necessary for demanding HTHP sealing environments within oilfield applications.

“Offshore oil & gas fields are moving into deeper waters. That means applications are becoming increasingly challenging, especially in downhole tools where temperatures and pressures are becoming more extreme,” Eric Bucci, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Global Technical Manager, Oil & Gas Americas, said. “To meet these growing demands, we’ve developed the new XploR S-Seal and XploR FS-Seal to meet critical operating parameters.”

“By using integrated anti-extrusion devices, the XploR S-Seal and XploR FS-Seal can withstand pressures up to 15,000 psi at temperatures up to 392°F. Coupled with our rapid gas decompression resistant range of materials, which are compliant with industry standards, you have an extremely capable seal for harsh oilfield conditions,” Mr Bucci added.

The XploR S-Seal and XploR FS-Seal are manufactured in a range of XploR Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and sour gas-resistant elastomers along with corrosion-resistant steel springs. This allows for standard and custom sealing solutions to be engineered to accommodate specific oil field conditions, as well as meet requirements of HTHP environments.

Sealing is achieved by controlled deformation of the elastomer element. Optimal stress distribution throughout the elastomer body is modeled through finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure high-performance sealing as well as long seal life. Extrusion resistance is created when the specially designed spring provides support to the rubber, but the seal is still flexible enough to allow easy installation.

The S-Seal and FS-Seal can withstand pressures up to 103.4 MPa (15,000 psi) and temperatures up to +200°C (+392°F). The seal materials are certified to NORSOK, NACE, API and Total standards.

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