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New slim-hole technology improves assessment of tubular conditions

TGT announced the launch of Pulse1, a slim-hole tube integrity technology that delivers actual wall thickness measurements in eight sectors with all around sensing of tube wall condition. This diagnostic capability enables operators to assess the condition of production tubulars more accurately than previously possible, helping the industry to ensure safe, clean and productive well operations.

“Proactive inspection and accurate diagnosis of well integrity is fundamental to ensuring safe production, and Pulse1 delivers on that promise for primary tubulars,” Mohamed Hegazi, TGT’s CEO, said. “Conventional measurements will still have a role to play, but the addition of Pulse1 diagnostics will address customer needs with greater accuracy and fill crucial gaps in the market. Pulse1 is a slim technology that delivers true sectorial thickness with high accuracy in multiple tubing and casing sizes, on any conveyance type, and in a single descent with no mechanical contact. Coupled with TGT’s unsurpassed domain expertise, Pulse1 is defining a new benchmark in well integrity diagnostics.”

The technology is the most recent extension to TGT’s Pulse platform: one of five proprietary technology platforms that provide powerful through-barrier diagnostics for the oilfield.

Pulse technology powers TGT’s “True Integrity” answer products with an emphasis on “Tube Integrity.”

“Pulse1 has been designed to meet the growing industry need for ‘no compromise’ integrity management and overcome the drawbacks of current technologies, particularly mechanical calipers and conventional electromagnetics,” Ken Feather, TGT’s Chief Marketing Officer, said. “This makes it the ideal choice for routine or targeted tube integrity surveillance, especially when accuracy is the top priority.”

“Production tubulars have a special role in keeping wells safe, clean and productive, and they need to perform 24/7 without compromise,” Mr Feather added. “Operators use calipers to monitor tube wall thickness, but the error can be 10% or higher. Pulse1 delivers up to 2% accuracy in eight sectors around the tube, providing operators with a higher level of integrity assurance than previously possible.”

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