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Texas Railroad Commission hears testimony on flaring from industry, environmental groups

On 16 June, the Railroad Commission of Texas met with the state’s oil and gas trade associations, environmental advocacy groups, and several oil and gas producers about implementing reforms to reduce flaring.

“I am very concerned by the rate of flaring in Texas,” Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian said. “We cannot continue to waste this much natural gas and allow the practice of flaring to tarnish the reputation of our state’s thriving energy sector to the general public and investors on Wall Street.”

Commissioners heard testimony from companies like Occidental Petroleum and Parsley Energy, as well as organizations like the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund. During the meeting, trade associations involved in the state’s Blue Ribbon Taskforce for Oil Economic Recovery unveiled a report for flaring recommendations and best practices. Recommendations include reducing the time an administrative approval can be provided for flaring by 50% and providing greater clarity on data submissions to improve the information the Railroad Commission has on flaring in the state.

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