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SPE/ICoTA conference to demonstrate essential technology for production optimization

IADC will be exhibiting at Booth #909 at the 2017 SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference, which will celebrate technology and innovation as the keys to surmounting challenges in production optimization. The event is co-sponsored by SPE and the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA). The conference convenes 21-22 March in Houston.

At its booth, IADC will offer an array of training and technical materials, including “Coiled Tubing Operations” by Les Skinner, a comprehensive treatment across the spectrum of coiled tubing operations.

2017 Conference Co-chairs Rex Burgos and Ian Chapman are long-time participants and leaders of the annual SPE/ICoTA event. They note that the 2017 event will provide attendees with a better understanding of evolving technologies and will offer solutions to challenges faced in production optimization during a well’s lifecycle.

“With the ever increasing number of complex well completions and reservoirs, the tasks that are needed to maintain production levels have grown to be less routine and more intricate,” Mr Burgos noted.

Both co-chairs said they believe that innovation in coiled tubing and well intervention will play a critical role in the landscape of $50 oil.

“Whether it is through the creation of unique solutions to prevailing challenges or through gains in efficiency while adopting routine tasks, often technology permits delivery of a better outcome financially for O&G operators,” Mr Burgos added. “Otherwise, it would not be worth doing.”

Mr Chapman said he hopes that conference attendees will learn about tools and techniques that they can apply to their own field of work – to improve operational safety, efficiency and economics and to provide potential solutions to their challenges.

“Technical innovations and advancements, such as the development of new higher-strength coiled-tubing grades, pipe made using new manufacturing techniques, the use of wireline for applications that would have been unthinkable until recently, and the increasing use of coiled tubing in subsea applications, demonstrate that this segment of well operations still has a significant role to play,” Mr Chapman said.

The co-chairs view their involvement with the conference as a way to give back to the industry – providing attendees with not only networking opportunities but also a better understanding of evolving technologies and their real-world applications. Mr Burgos said that seeing products and technologies on the exhibition floor and the interaction in technical sessions illustrate how the intervention industry has continued to deliver.

“The live exposure to these products and widgets allows attendees to gain a better understanding of the capabilities and features of said technologies,” he said. “I feel this event provides a unique opportunity to expose attendees to numerous new products and services in a single venue over the two days.”

Registration is available, with an early-bird cutoff date of 3 March.

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