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Shell makes new deepwater discovery in the US Gulf of Mexico

Shell announced a material discovery at the Blacktip North prospect in the US Gulf of Mexico. The Blacktip North well encountered approximately 300 ft net oil pay at multiple levels. Evaluation is ongoing to further define development options.

“The Blacktip North prospect is the latest example of discovering new resources in our advantaged corridors,” said Paul Goodfellow, Executive Vice President of Deep Water at Shell. “Our strategic positions, like the Perdido Corridor, are at the heart of value creation in the Gulf of Mexico, and they represent an opportunity to use our existing infrastructure to unlock the full-value potential of our discoveries.”

Shell described the Blacktip North discovery as an opportunity to increase production in the Perdido Corridor, where its Great White, Silvertip and Tobagofields are already producing. Earlier this year, the company announced a final investment decision for the Whale deepwater development, also located in the Perdido Corridor.

Blacktip North is located in OCS block Alaminos Canyon (AC) 336, approximately 4.5 miles northeast of the recently appraised Blacktip discovery, 25 miles northeast of the recently announced Leopard discovery, 30 miles northeast of the planned Whale host, and 42 miles from the Perdido host.

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