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Russia, supply chain issues will drive energy production, demand over the next few years

The near-term future of the global energy market will be defined, in part, by two major issues: the lingering supply chain difficulties spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic sanctions levied on Russian oil and gas exports following its invasion of Ukraine in February. In this interview with DC, Margaret Kidd, Program Director and Instructional Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics Technology at the University of Houston, speaks about the projected impact these two issues will have on oil and gas production, as well as the indicators that companies should look at to monitor shifts in the supply chain landscape. Ms Kidd, who spoke at the 2022 IADC Contracts and Risk Management Conference in Houston, Texas, on 4 October, also discusses the reasons behind an expected shift in investment from renewables to “mature carbon” projects in the next five years.



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