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Petronas makes discovery in offshore Suriname

Petronas’ subsidiary, Petronas Suriname, has made an oil discovery at the Roystonea-1 exploration well in Suriname’s Block 52.

The well, located about 185 km offshore at a depth of 904 m, was successfully drilled to a total depth of 5,315 m. It also encountered several oil-bearing Campanian sandstone reservoir packages. Further evaluation is being undertaken to determine the full extent of this discovery and its potential development synergy with the Sloanea-1 discovery made in 2020 within the same block.

“Petronas views the Roystonea-1 oil discovery as a positive development towards realizing our differentiated barrel strategy for international upstream ventures, focusing on a material discovery with minimal contaminants,” said Executive VP and CEO of Upstream, Datuk Adif Zulkifli.

Block 52, which covers an area of 4,749 sq km, is located north of the coast of Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city, within the prospective Suriname-Guyana basin.

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