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Petrobras to use Halliburton digital platform for subsurface

Halliburton announced that Petrobras will use its Landmark iEnergy digital platform to address its subsurface challenges. The companies executed a contract that gives Petrobras access to the entire Halliburton Landmark DecisionSpace 365 Geoscience Suite including cloud-based technologies like Seismic Engine, Scalable Earth Modeling, Assisted Lithology Interpretation, DS365.ai and Neftex Predictions to support its strategic exploration and production programs.

The iEnergy digital platform is the hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate and manage cloud applications for E&P operations. The digital platform contains solutions for geology, geophysics and engineering in a public cloud.

“Use of DecisionSpace 365 on the iEnergy hybrid cloud represents the next step change of user experience and business value for Petrobras while lowering Total Cost of Ownership,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, Senior VP of Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions, and Consulting. “Migrating from on premise and private cloud environments to an enterprise scale geoscience suite in a secure public cloud environment allows geoscientists and engineers at Petrobras to extract more value from their data and make more informed decisions every day.”

“We are confident that new technologies such as iEnergy can accelerate the digital transformation and optimize our exploratory activities,” said Marta Abrão, General Manager of Exploration Data and Application Technologies, Petrobras.

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