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Kverneland is senior VP, chief technology officer at NOV

Bob Bloom, National Oilwell Varco senior vice president and chief technology officer, is retiring after 40 years of service to the company. His position will be succeeded by Hege Kverneland, who will relocate from Stavanger, Norway to Houston.

“Bob has played a tremendous role in the creation of what National Oilwell Varco is today. His leadership has molded the company and our industry,” said Pete Miller, NOV chairman, president and CEO.

Ms Kverneland received a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and recently graduated from the General Management Program from Harvard Business School. She has 10 years of extensive engineering and product management background, contributing to quality assurance and research and product development.  Ms Kverneland  began with Hitec in 1994, joining National Oilwell through acquisition.

Mr Bloom will continue to serve as chairman of the 2010 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, 2-4 February in New Orleans, La.

Ronald Hoope, Noble Drilling, retires

Ronald Hoope Noble Drilling InternationalRonald Hoope

Longtime IADC supporter Ronald Hoope retired in June 2009 after more than 40 rewarding years with Neddrill and Noble Drilling. “Ronald will be greatly missed for his insight and tireless contributions to the industry,” said Dr Lee Hunt, IADC president.

Mr Hoope has served in a wide range of positions over the span of his career, from barge engineer to safety engineer to certified rig mover, on all types of drilling units and based all over the world. All were offshore positions too, he remarked, adding that, “I was sort of born offshore.”

Noble Ronald Hoope rig“It was an honor to have a rig named after
me,” Mr Hoope said of the Noble Ronald Hoope.

From 1985 to 1991, he was stationed in Houston as the Neddrill representative for North & South America. Since 1991, he’s managed the company’s European commercial affairs based out of the Netherlands. Most recently he was commercial director for Noble Drilling International and director of Noble Drilling Netherlands BV.

Mr Hoope noted that he’s seen the industry make significant improvements in efficiency and safety over the past several decades. Especially in safety, he is proud of the industry’s achievement. “In the year I started in this industry, I wouldn’t have sent my kids offshore. It was not safe. Nowadays, safety is number one. … I can tell my kids it’s safe to go offshore,” he said.

Mr Hoope was a recipient of the IADC Exemplary Service Award at the 2007 World Drilling Conference & Exhibition in Paris. In honor of his service to the company, Noble Drilling also named a jackup drilling rig after him, the Noble Ronald Hoope, which is currently working in the North Sea for Gaz de France.

Gebhardt named president of Wild Well Control

Freddy Gebhardt Wild Well ControlFreddy Gebhardt

Wild Well Control has named Freddy Gebhardt as president. He has served as the company’s executive vice president and general manager since 2005. His career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on well control and blowout response and prevention, well capping, snubbing and coiled tubing operations. He joined Wild Well Control in 1983 as a senior well control specialist.

New technical consultant joins Global Tubing

Dr H.B. (Bernie) Luft has joined Global Tubing as senior technical consultant. He has more than 30 years of oil and gas engineering experience in coiled tubing research, engineering and applications.

Schlumberger makes management changes

Schlumberger recently announced key management changes. Reporting to Chakib Sbiti, executive vice president, will be the following product group presidents: Paal Kibsgaard, reservoir characterization; Doug Pferdehirt, reservoir production; and Jeff Spath, reservoir management.

Heidt named Nabors Well Services chairman, CEO

Larry P Heidt has assumed the role of chairman and CEO of Nabors Well Services. He has been with Nabors for over 17 years, serving as president of Nabors’ North Sea operations until 1997, when he became president of US Lower 48 land drilling operations. Since 2004, Mr Heidt has served as special assistant to the chairman. Prior to joining Nabors, Mr Heidt was with Noble Drilling and Peter Bawden Drilling.

Knight showcases KIP

Knight Oil Tools KIP inspection programKnight Oil Tools debuted its patent-pending inspection program, KIP, an interactive quality assurance innovation, at the 2009 OTC. KIP is a touch-screen computer system allowing technicians and inspectors to retrieve technical data, review reference material and record inspection results from the shop floor. Its key benefit is ensuring thorough and consistent inspections at all Knight locations.

Atlas Copco rig complex completed

Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions has completed construction of a drill rig test and rig-up complex at its Garland, Texas, facility. It was built in concert with the development and production of the Predator Drilling System. The new system consists of three integrated components – the mobile drilling rig, substructure support system and a pipe-handling skate. The rig incorporates a telescopic mast that reduces overall rig transport length while maintaining the ability to handle Range II and Range III pipe and casing. It also uses an Iron Roughneck and hydraulic slips. Its “on demand” hydraulic system allows the driller to allocate power to various drilling systems as needed. Click below for a video demonstrating the Predator system.

One million manhours without LTI

Commercial Coating Services International recently surpassed one million manhours worked without filing a lost-time injury report. “Every CCSI employee has contributed to this significant milestone through daily dedication to following our defined safety procedures,” said Dave Hammon, CCSI human resources & HSE manager.


Cummins introduces QSK60

Cummins Inc launched the QSK60 offshore drilling power module at the 2009 OTC. It is rated at 1,855 hp (1,383 kW) at 1,200 rpm with a 10% overload capability and is integrated with a Cummins-manufactured AvK DSG99 alternator at 2,140 kVa and 690 volts. The Cummins Modular Common Rail (MCR) fuel system enables full authority electronic control over fuel timing, quantity, pressure and delivery rate shape. Precision control over the number of injection events enables optimum performance, fuel economy, smooth power delivery, better idle stability and reduced engine noise. It also provides the capability for an in-cylinder Tier 2 emissions solution.

Linear displacement transducer for HPHT

Trans-Tek has created a category of linear displacement transducer (LVDT) for high pressures and temperatures. There are two models based on the company’s Series 230. However, the same features can be added to any stroke AC-AC LVDT. To accommodate high pressures, the transducer housing is perforated to equalize pressure inside and outside the LVDT. The high temperature ratings are achieved by using special internal materials. These LVDT’s are rated for pressures up to 35,000 psi in electrically non-conductive, chemically benign media, at continuous temperatures as high as 450˚F.

Dual-mode self-retracting lifeline

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, has developed a self-retracting lifeline (SRL), the Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL with Rescue. It offers dual-mode operation that provides fall arrest and rescue/descent in one product. Workers can select either the traditional “fall arrest” mode or a “rescue/descent” mode. If a fall event occurs while in the rescue/descent mode, the lifeline will arrest the fall and automatically lower the worker safely to the ground or next level.

New software helps companies assure competency

SkillsXP from the Tritanium Company is a competence management tool for managing skills, work experience, qualifications and training, developed specifically to help companies get their competency assurance under control. SkillsXP enables customers to put in place an up-to-date and accurate registration of certificates and competencies. The latest update V7.0 includes improved and expanded personal/assessments section, dashboard section and planning section.

Drill-through casing reaming system introduced

Futuretec Turbocaser casing reaming systemFuturetec introduces its Turbocaser casing reaming system, a powered, drill-through reaming system for casings and liners to facilitate casing placement. After drilling any borehole section conventionally, casing is run with the system, which reams through obstructions, getting the casing to the correct depth. Casing is then cemented through the system. The next drilling assembly then drills right through the system and drills straight ahead.

BP is providing Futuretec with drilling engineering and operational input into the design and will propose the first candidate well trials later in 2009.

Nautronix offers alternative to MUX control systems

Nautronix’s NASMUX, developed in cooperation with Cameron, is an acoustic system providing full control for subsea blowout preventer (BOP) equipment and offers an alternative to traditional multiplexed (MUX) control systems. NASMUX replaces the command, control and monitoring aspects of a control umbilical with an acoustic system that requires very little topside equipment. As a result, immediate benefits are realised, including: flexibility to transfer the system between rigs quickly and cheaply; increasing available deck space and reductions in handling and transportation costs. Click below for an animation video demonstrating the NASMUX.

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