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OTC Spotlight on New Technology award winner addresses common bolting challenges

On 16 August, HYTORC, a manufacturer of industrial bolting systems, received the Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award during the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference. The award was for the company’s J-Washer, a reaction washer that prevents the loosening of pre-loaded fasteners through a locking feature designed to work under dynamic loads and high-vibration applications.

Speaking to DC from OTC, Eric Junkers, HYTORC President, discussed the technology, as well as the most common challenges around bolting in the oil and gas drilling industry today.

“Industrial bolting is something that we, as specialists, are always trying to spread awareness of ways to do the work better. Some of the challenges are varied. Certainly, there are safety concerns associated with the typical setup of a reaction washer. A lot of times it’s seen as a necessarily evil in terms of maintenance. But we want to show our customers that we can help them to do this more efficiently, do this safer and better,” he said.

The J-Washer went through DIN 25201 vibration testing on three bolt sizes (1/2-in., 1 ½-in. and 1 7/8-in.) at an independent lab last year. The retention load plots for each tested showed retained a clamping force above the 80% threshold needed to pass the standard. Mr Junkers talked about these results, as well as what the testing entailed.

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