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Oil States Industries acquires E-Flow Control Holdings

OSI’s MPD and RGH system (pictured) will be powered, operated and fully monitored by EFC controls following OSI’s acquisition of the company. (Source: Oil States Industries)

Oil States Industries (OSI) shared details regarding a previously announced acquisition of Aberdeen-based E-Flow Control Holdings (EFC), a global controls, monitoring, instrumentation and handling company. The transaction expands Oil States’ electrification and digitalization capabilities by adding integrated control packages to the company’s drilling, deepsea minerals systems and renewables product offerings. It also provides EFC access to OSI’s global operational resources to strengthen EFC’s aftermarket support capabilities across every major offshore basin.

EFC specializes in high-integrity, fully integrated control and hydraulic power systems with touchscreen user interfaces that allow for digital twin data visualization and control of assets. The company provides turnkey packages that enable remote operation of heavy-duty hydraulic, pneumatic and electric functions while providing automation, monitoring, notification and data acquisition. EFC’s expertise traditionally focuses on high availability, redundant and hazard area control systems for critical applications typical in an offshore environment. OSI said in a statement that “pairing EFC controls with OSI technologies should further enhance vessel safety, removing personnel from the red zone.”

OSI’s managed pressure drilling (MPD) and riser gas handling (RGH) system is powered, operated and fully monitored by EFC controls. The riser joint’s instrumentation system is integrated with each riser function to seamlessly relay information to the surface. The system’s electro-hydraulic controls are connected to the joint through a hands-free, pull-in bridle system, allowing remote joint plug-in without manual intervention for significantly reduced nonproductive time (NPT) and safety risks.

“EFC’s comprehensive controls capabilities augment our technologies to enable us to provide complete electrical and monitoring packages with our products to positively impact the speed, safety, economy and performance of our customers’ operations,” said Scott Moses, President of OSI.

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