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Odfjell Drilling confirms new rig contracts, enters partnership with Equinor

Odfjell Drilling announced that it has signed contracts related to two Letters of Intent, issued earlier this year by Equinor, for the Deepsea Atlantic semisubmersible to conduct operations in the North Sea.

The contracts have a combined firm duration of 23 months and a value of approximately $290 million excluding integrated services, upgrades, modifications or mobilization fees. The contracts also include provisions for performance bonuses and fuel incentives.

In addition to the firm contract periods, there are four priced one-well options as well as three further optional periods of approximately one-year each, with the rates for each period to be mutually agreed prior to exercising.

The work will begin immediately following completion of the special periodic survey for the Deepsea Atlantic, which is currently planned during the first half of 2024. The rig is now signed up to firm contracts until mid-2026, with options which extend to 2029.

Together with the two contracts, Odfjell Drilling and Equinor have also entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to focus on matters of mutual strategic importance. With a focus on safety, drilling efficiency and lower emissions, this agreement shall provide the framework for a joint effort and longer-term collaboration.

“We are pleased to confirm that the Deepsea Atlantic will continue to work with Equinor under the new contract which could see the rig in continuous operation until 2029, delivering strong, predictable cash generation from the unit,” said Kjetil Gjersdal, Odfjell Drilling CEO. “Having worked with Equinor on many project developments through the years, we are pleased to have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to further develop our combined capabilities to deliver safe and efficient operations. Continuous development of our workflows and technologies is a key focus for Odfjell Drilling and we look forward to seeing the results of this initiative.”

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