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Norske Shell, Kongsberg collaborate on fully integrated reservoir with a digital twin

Norske Shell’s Ormen Lange deepwater gas field. Image courtesy of A/S Norske Shell.

Norske Shell is using Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin solution, Kognitwin Energy, to create a virtual representation of the Ormen Lange deepwater gas field. It will feed into the existing onshore digital twin developed at the Nyhamna gas-processing facility. The twin solution will reimagine the ways of working at Shell and unlock new value in the subsea and subsurface arena.

In October 2019, Norske Shell joined forces with Kongsberg Digital to operationalize an “asset of the future” through the development of the Nyhamna Dynamic Digital Twin. The twin was up and running by the end of the year and has been evolving continuously through monthly product releases since January 2020, focusing on safe, effective and integrated work processes and optimization of production and energy use. With Nyhamna having paved the way, the decision was made to expand the collaboration with another digital twin of the related Ormen Lange deepwater gas field, which feeds gas to Nyhamna.

Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG, said, “With Ormen Lange, we are very proud to have been awarded the contract for the development of a second digital twin for Norske Shell. This is a direct result of our successful collaboration around the Nyhamna dynamic digital twin. We would particularly like to highlight a strong core product, Kognitwin Energy, rapid deployments and fast time to value as unique differentiators in this ongoing project. Now, we are eager to help Norske Shell realize the full potential of their assets through integration of these two digital twins.”

The first version of the Ormen Lange digital twin comprises primarily data integrations and visualization of subsea 3D models, including production and MEG pipelines, well surface locations and wellbore paths, seabed bathymetry data detailed around the production templates, built documentation and drawings, and real-time data from DCS and PI. For disciplines and teams across the initial Ormen Lange user base – like subsea maintenance, wells, flow assurance, production technology, reservoir engineering, process engineering and operations – the twin provides unified data for everyone to access across the same work surface. This is the starting point of a longer journey where Kongsberg Digital and Norske Shell will continue to develop valuable features and target specific use cases to enable user groups, disciplines and teams with new ways of working.

The first version of the Ormen Lange digital twin was released to users in Norske Shell last month.

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