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IADC changes RigPass endorsement after resigning from SafeLandUSA Board

IADC’s Accreditation and Credentialing Division held an online town hall on 2 October to answer questions about the association’s resignation from the SafeLandUSA Board. Clockwise from top left are Brooke Polk, IADC; Alma Roberts, IADC; Bob Warren, IADC; and Kenny Jordan, AESC. IADC has held several such town halls and other online events in recent weeks to communicate with the industry about this decision and potential impacts on member companies and training providers.

Q. Why is IADC no longer offering the SafeLandUSA endorsement?

Following the decision to transition SafeLandUSA from a voluntary, industry representative group to the 12 May 2020 registration of SafeLand Inc, IADC worked diligently to develop alignment with the new SafeLand Inc structure. The goal was to continue as a partner/contributor to the ongoing improvement of safety curriculum, accreditation of training programs and instructors, and the overall increased well being of the energy workforce.

IADC’s core values remain to support our industry’s workforce with programs that are developed based on industry need and not driven by commercial gain.  We continue to advocate for programs that focus on safety, competency and value for our members.

Together with direction from IADC Onshore Advisory Panel leadership, we determined that IADC was unable to align with the new SafeLand Inc organizational structure and would no longer participate in the development or support of SafeLand Inc programs.

Q. Will employees be required to take more than one safety orientation?

It remains IADC’s goal to advocate for what is best for our members. We remain focused on having one safety orientation that is accepted on a global scale, RigPass.  A workgroup consisting of IADC HSE Committee participants has been diligently working to align RigPass with other safety orientation standards, such as Basin United’s fundamental safety orientation course. This allows for one orientation to be delivered through IADC’s RigPass program that meets and/or exceeds requirements set by other organizations with safety orientation programs.

Q. Does RigPass meet SafeLandUSA and SafeLand Inc requirements?

Yes, RigPass meets and exceeds the newest SafeLand Inc requirements for a safety orientation. A cross-reference map of RigPass program standards to SafeLand Inc curriculum requirements and Basin United curriculum requirements is available for training providers as a resource.

Q. Is there a need to replace previously issued cards containing the SafeLandUSA endorsement?

No, cards previously issued are still valid and verifiable through the IADC database. The training delivered at the time of card issuance was SafeLandUSA endorsed, and the card will remain valid with that SafeLandUSA endorsement.

IADC has resigned from the SafeLandUSA Board and changed its RigPass endorsement. On 12 May, SafeLand Inc was registered as a nonprofit corporation without the knowledge or consent of the full SafeLandUSA Board. IADC, AESC and certain operator members had previously objected to proceeding with the incorporation, which was viewed as a departure from the original SafeLandUSA board structure that functioned as a voluntary, industry-led group representing industry safety training interests.

With the new SafeLand Inc structure, IADC requested the development of a clearly defined business plan and updated bylaws. However, in the absence of progress to achieve this governance and other revisions, and at the direction of its North America Onshore Advisory Panel, IADC determined it would resign from the new SafeLand Inc.

“Collaborating with key stakeholders across the various sectors of the industry to drive continuous safety has always been IADC’s goal,” Brooke Polk, IADC Senior Director of Accreditation Operations, said. “We have been diligently working for months to align the various safety orientation programs into one content standard within IADC’s RigPass safety orientation program. We will continue to advocate for what is in the best interest of our members and industry. Our focus remains on having one safety orientation that is not only transferable to all regions of operations but based on adult learning methodology and design.”

IADC’s RigPass program exceeds the SafeLandUSA curriculum and program requirements. IADC’s accredited training providers may continue to offer the RigPass safety orientation program with onshore and offshore endorsements.

IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter organizes in-person meeting in Dubai

Approximately 110 people attended an in-person meeting of the IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter (SAPC), held in Dubai on 3 September.

On 3 September, the IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter (SAPC) held an in-person meeting in Dubai, with 110 people in attendance. Event preparation focused heavily on safety. Participants adhered to appropriate measures such as mask wearing, social distancing and frequent sanitizing of hands and other surfaces.

The event included presentations from IAS International, Oilfields Supply Center, the American Bureau of Shipping and Red Wing Shoes.

Attendees were also updated on the SAPC’s annual golf event and given a global update on IADC news.

Australasia Chapter issues safety awards

The IADC Australasia Chapter presented its 2019 Safety Statistics Awards on 30 September to High Arctic Energy Services for onshore and Valaris for offshore. In 2019, Australasia recorded 3.53 million manhours of operations and zero fatalities. There were only two lost-time incidents, three medical treatment cases and five restricted work/transfer cases.

ULL student chapter visits Energy Drilling rig 14

Petroleum engineering students from the IADC Student Chapter at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) visited Energy Drilling rig 14 on 25 September. The tour was intended to enhance the students’ education, leveraging drilling knowledge gained in classrooms. During the visit, the students were allowed to be on the rig floor while the BHA and pipe were being run back into the hole. Energy Drilling personnel also provided explanations of the solids control/circulating system, drawworks, BOP closing procedures at the remote closing unit, and remote choke operation.

IADC Inaugurates new Student Chapter at India’s PDPU

On 28 September, IADC virtually celebrated the inauguration of the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) Student Chapter. The new chapter seeks to provide an interactive platform for its members to engage with the global drilling industry for meeting present and future requirements, as well as stimulate young minds through skill training and the exchange of innovative technical knowledge. PDPU is located in Gandhinagar, India.

Thirty-one PDPU students submitted applications to become an IADC student chapter core committee member. After an interview process conducted by a committee of faculty, the following students were nominated and selected:

  • Bhoraniva Paraq Hasmukhbhai, Chairman;
  • Prajapati Smit Shailesh, Vice Chairman;
  • Kripal Patel, Secretary;
  • Viraq Poshiya, Treasurer.

HSE Committee holds virtual meeting, open safety forum

The IADC HSE Committee held a virtual meeting on 1 October, with an open-forum safety discussion led by Chairman Ryan Smallwood, Patterson-UTI. Updates were also provided by IADC staff: Bill Krull on the IADC ISP; Brooke Polk on accreditation and credentialing programs; Jim Rocco on the offshore market and regulations; and Rhett Winter on HSE in the onshore sector.

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