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DDR Plus V2.0 released for final industry comment

IADC has issued V2.0 of the DDR Plus for final comment, after receiving and considering wide-ranging input from across the industry over the past eight months since V1.0 was launched earlier this year.

Among the major changes are:

  • Main Codes 21, 22 and 23 are now “Other,” which can be used for any user-defined operation.
  • “Nonproductive Time” was moved from the Main Codes to a Sub-Activity Code.
  • “Run/Retrieve Riser Equipment” and “Surface Testing” were moved from Main Codes 21/22 to 31/32.
  • “Operating Status” was moved from Main Code 25 to Main Code 33.
  • “Safety” was moved from Main Code 26 to Main Code 34.
  • “Well Control” was moved from Main Code 27 to Main Code 35.
  • All subcodes were thoroughly vetted and consolidated.

IADC’s paper Tour Sheets will also be updated in 2020 to match the electronic IADC codeset. New fields have been added for:

  • Spud Date/Time.
  • Rig Release Date/Time.
  • Pause Date/Time.
  • Resume Date/Time.
  • TD (Total Depth) Date/Time.
  • Fuel Used.
  • Fuel on Hand.

The fields have been slightly rearranged to more efficiently group together corresponding codes.

This work has been completed by the IADC Drilling Control Systems Subcommittee under the purview of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee.

The group aims to keep the DDR Plus as an evergreen document, with annual surveys conducted to identify changes that may be required as the industry and its technologies evolve.

IADC establishes international student chapter in India

IADC has established its first international student chapter at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in India.

“Expanding the student chapter program outside of the US has been a goal since its inception in 2017,” said IADC President Jason McFarland. “To accomplish this in India is particularly special, as IADC’s South Central Asia Chapter has long provided exceptional leadership in the region.”

IADC staff, onshore members meet with congress in DC fly-in

IADC hosted a Washington, DC, fly-in for onshore members in September. During the visit, members and staff met with 19 Congressional offices and the Chemical Safety Board (CSB).

The group also hosted an educational “snack and learn” event on Capitol Hill for Congressional staff, agency staff, trade associations and anyone else who had an interest in learning more about onshore drilling. The attendees were provided with a presentation on the basics of onshore drilling.

IADC members in attendance included: Mike Garvin, Senior Vice President, Operations Support, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company; Scott McKee, Vice President, Marketing, Cactus Drilling Company; Chris Menefee, Vice President – Business Development, Independence Contract Drilling; and Mike Bowie, Director, Oilfield Equipment – North America, Baker Hughes.

IADC staffers in attendance were: Elizabeth Craddock, Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs; Bob Warren, Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs – Onshore; and Matt Giacona, Legislative Assistant.

The group met with members of Congress from Oklahoma, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Dakota, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Arkansas. They also met separately with CSB Director of Recommendations Charles Barbee.

This was IADC’s second fly-in of the year. A fly-in was held in July for IADC’s offshore members.

Texas A&M student chapter members visit Independence Contract Drilling rig

The IADC Student Chapter at Texas A&M University was invited to tour an Independence Contract Drilling (ICD) rig in Giddings, Texas, working for Ironroc Energy Partners. The students were joined by professors from the Texas A&M Mays Business School in this visit during August. The students in attendance were not only petroleum engineering majors but also business, finance and agriculture science majors.

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