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New proppant transport technology targets high-salinity water applications

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Fairmount Santrol recently launched Propel SSP 350. It is an extension to the self-suspending Propel SSP proppant transport technology, which is designed to increase hydraulic fracturing efficiency in plays where produced water disposal costs are high and where there are constraints on freshwater availability. The 350 extension targets applications in high-salinity water plays, such as the Marcellus and the Permian. Its development was driven by the need for improved proppant transport and for reduced completions costs by removing the need for extra chemicals, water, energized fluids and specialized equipment. Watch DC’s video with Brian Goldstein, Product Director for Propel SSP, from the 2017 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference on 24 January in The Woodlands, Texas, to learn more.

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