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Nabors agrees to purchase order for Reelwell wired drillpipe

Reelwell has accepted purchase orders from Nabors Industries for the delivery of two strings of DualLink wired drillpipe for its US land applications.

According to Reelwell, DualLink gives drillers the ability to further automate and increase the consistency of performance in the well construction process when used on land.

The announcement of the commercial order for DualLink follows on from Reelwell’s successful customer demonstration of the technology in September last year. During the demonstration DualLink performed without failure for over 80 hours with 100% uptime reliability of telemetry and power transmission, validating the commercialization of the technology.

“The whole team are excited to receive the purchase orders from Nabors for the delivery of two DualLink drillstrings and supporting services. We are confident that the reliability, high speed telemetry and power supplied by DualLink will finally connect surface and downhole, enabling further enhancements to the automation and well construction services offered on Nabors’ rigs,” said Ian Silvester, CEO of Reelwell USA.

According to Reelwell, DualLink is the only commercial wired drillpipe to leverage digital telemetry, power and greater reliability downhole. It transmits power from surface to downhole, removing the need for batteries downhole and allowing for remote operations and reduced tool configuration at the rig.

“We believe DualLink will be an important element in the evolution of integrated drilling solutions. It will reduce overall well-construction costs and will enhance our automated drilling smart apps, generating smoother and more accurate wellbore trajectories, ultimately leading to increased production for our customers,” said Subodh Saxena, VP of Nabors Drilling Solutions.

The two full length strings of DualLink are due to be manufactured in Norway, starting in 2021 for use on Nabors rigs in US land applications.

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