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MCF Energy ahead of schedule at Welchau exploration well

MCF Energy confirmed the drilling of the Welchau-1 gas exploration well onshore Austria is ahead of schedule. The well reached a depth of 1155 m on 10 March, advancing approximately four days ahead of its scheduled timeline.

Minor hydrocarbon shows and fracturing patterns suggest the presence of hydrocarbons in deeper formations and are evidence of an active petroleum system at the Welchau-1 well location. Drilling to the main target is underway with completion and evaluation anticipated by the end of the month.

Drilling operations commenced with a 12 ¼-in. bore to a depth of 930 m, followed by the deployment of wireline logging tools. Subsequently, a 9 5/8-in. casing was installed and cemented to ensure well integrity, particularly through a shale section which will also provide a seal for gas pressure from a deeper underlying reservoir. Drilling currently proceeds in an 8 ½-in. bore, aiming for a projected total depth of at least 1500 m.

Enhanced drilling speeds, surpassing initial projections due to the adoption of new drilling technologies, have contributed to the project’s current status. To date, drilling operations have proceeded without significant challenges, with minimal fluid loss to the formation. All activities adhere to, and in some cases exceed, stringent safety standards.

“The drilling results so far are very promising, and the indications of gas and heavier hydrocarbons are particularly encouraging for us,” said James Hill, CEO of MCF Energy.

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