LAGCOE announces New Technology Showcase winners

LAGCOE has announced the winners of the LAGCOE New Technology Showcase, sponsored by Drilling Contractor. The Technology Showcase recognizes the hard work, creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking behind the development of extraordinary new oil and gas technologies. This year’s winners are:

Louisiana Cat’s Product Health Connect Panel
The Product Health Connect panel, released in late 2015, is a telematics device that cumulates engine data and emails reports periodically to enable office personnel to understand the operation and health of their engines. Alerts broadcasted from the engine are sent out immediately. Operations personnel can better manage maintenance on their engines without having to rely on busy technicians in the field to document engine hours or fuel burn. The system is capable of monitoring engines on a platform, land rig or at a compression station.

Ulterra Drilling Technologies’ PDC drill bit cutting structure, CounterForce
The unique cutting structure had initial field tests conducted in 2013, with full commercial launch in 2015. When applied to a PDC cutting structure, the CounterForce design method provides a smoother drilling environment and reduces the impact of vibration on the bit and drilling tools. The effect is longer bit life, increased toolface capability and a reduction in tool failures. CounterForce bits drill deeper with faster ROP and reduced dull severity than immediate offsets. CounterForce drill bits have drilled more than 50 million ft of hole, and it has been utilized in 26 countries, on land and offshore.

Frank’s International’s Combination Drill Pipe/Casing Spider and Elevator
The Combination Drill Pipe/Casing Spider and Elevator was first offered to the market in May 2016. It is able to run both casing and drill pipe without changing any components, omitting the casing-to-drill pipe transition period and allowing for simplified procedures, minimized manual handling of tools, less rig-floor equipment, and fewer rig-hands in the Red Zone, all of which reduce risk exposure and improve drilling efficiency. The tool delivers savings to the manufacturer as only one spider-elevator set (as opposed to six to eight) is needed. By eliminating the need to swap casing equipment for drill pipe equipment, the tool (due to its dual capacity) delivers cost assurance and enhanced operational safety.

HydraLIFT’s rod string lifting device
Created by a well analyst, the HydraLIFT is a rod raising and lowering device for oil well beam pumping units to reduce or induce a tag when spacing wells. Tested by third-party labs and in the field, the technology will replace conventional methods that have been used as the standard for more than 70 years. The associated cost savings reduce LOEs and greatly reduce or eliminate OSHA recordables.

Expro’s 30,000-psi perforating and drill stem test tool package
For use in deepwater Gulf of Mexico wells, the tools provide a superior area open to flow and perform well in harsh bottomhole environments. All testing will be witnessed and published by API in accordance with 19B regulation, and the operator base that is completing in the Wilcox and Miocene formations will require a system to meet 20-30K bottom hole pressures.

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