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Koltek Energy Services geo steering technology maximizes oilfield production

Koltek Energy Services successfully implemented its high-resolution gamma ray and geo-steering technology on several customers this summer.  This allows the Koltek directional team to collaborate with their customers’ geology team to maximize the production of their wells by keeping the well in the desired production zone.

The technology adjusts to the wellbore position on the fly all while staying in the target zone and also reaches other geological targets required by its customers. The technology is compatible with all existing PDM Motors and seemingly links to its own measurement while drilling (MWD/LWD) system.

“Our geo-steering technology allows our directional drilling team to get high resolution gamma ray readings, instantly, without having to stop drilling for any reason,” Tim Koltek, Koltek CEO, said. “This can be especially useful in more narrow formations like the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado.”

“High quality data is critical in geo-steering a well,” Jason Harms, CEO of Total Depth Geosteering, said. “We can see fast bedding changes, faults, and other geologic issues at critical times during the well. Koltek’s technology provides a surprising amount of detail, which forms a strong mental picture that we then use to make informed geo-steering decisions.”

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