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KCA Deutag secures $460 million of land drilling contracts in the Middle East, Africa and Europe

KCA Deutag has announced that its land drilling operation has won new contracts worth approximately $460 million in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Following the announcement the company made in March, where a client had reserved three rigs for an option period, KCA Deutag can now confirm that these have subsequently been contracted for two years, with an option to extend by two further years. The rigs have also been equipped with FX-Control, one of the company’s newly launched +veDRILL technologies.

In Oman, KCA Deutag has won a three-year contract extension, which commences in 2021, for five rigs operating for one of the country’s leading exploration and production companies. These rigs are currently being upgraded with the group’s latest equipment automation features, which are part of the company’s +veDRILL Future technology range. These aim to remove people from the red zone and reduce invisible lost time.

In addition to this, one of the company’s rigs in Oman has secured a new two-year contract with two one-year extension options.

KCA Deutag has also been successful in Iraq where two of the company’s rigs have had their contracts extended by one year.

In Nigeria, KCA Deutag has won a one-year contract for one rig with an option to extend by an additional year.

KCA Deutag has additionally been awarded three contracts in Algeria for four rigs in total. The largest is a three-year contract for two of these rigs, with a two year extension option. The other two are for short drilling programs.

In the Netherlands, one of the company’s rigs has secured a new contract for a short drilling program with a salt mining company.

As part of the contract, as well as to meet the challenging drilling requirements, the rig is being upgraded with a new 750t Top Drive, supplied by Bentec, KCA Deutag’s manufacturer of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment.

“These awards significantly increase KCA Deutag’s contract backlog and are a testament to the strength of our operational capability and reputation in the marketplace,” Simon Drew, President of Land, said. “It is also exciting to see the client response to our recently launched Well of Innovation Campaign, with a number of the new contracts now incorporating different +veDRILL technologies. We believe this adds to our already strong offering around safe and effective operations, and is another reason we are seeing strong demand for our rigs in our core markets.”

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