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IDS ReelRig system powers change in pad drilling

One of the highlights of Orion Drilling Company’s newest rig, the Aries, is the ReelRig power distribution system. Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) designed and built the system to enable safer and more efficient operations in part by reducing the number of cables running between the main powerhouse and the rig’s machinery. ReelRig also moves components of the power system, such as the VFD for the top drive and drawworks, onto the rig floor, closer to the equipment they power. The elimination of dozens of cables and the addition of a cable spooling skid enable the rig to move more quickly from well to well on a pad site. Fewer connections that need to be made ­– and that can be broken – can also reduce lost time. In this video from the 21 May launch of the Aries rig in Corpus Christi, Texas, IDS Managing Director Norm Myers explains how the ReelRig system may be a game-changer for the industry.

For further information on the Aries rig, click here to watch a video interview with Orion Drilling Marketing Executive Brett Schellenberg.

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