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IADC seeks volunteers for Rig Sensor Stewardship project

The IADC ART Drilling Control Systems (DCS) Subcommittee and IADC Maintenance Committee are kicking off a Rig Sensor Stewardship initiative and seeking volunteers to participate. The project aims to generate guidelines based on recognized standards and best practices for rig owners, equipment vendors and service companies to ensure their sensors and instruments perform as intended on a continuous basis.

A working group will be formed that will:

  • Identify and list all sensors used during well construction;
  • Develop a structured method to identify the importance and criticality of the data based on risk (impact severity and probability of occurrence) and then operations efficiency. Review, modify and agree on this methodology;
  • Apply the structured method to rank the identified sensors;
  • Select one of the highest-ranked sensors for an initial assessment and draft of stewardship guidelines as a Proof of Concept; and
  • Identify and incorporate internationally recognized methodologies and standards where applicable to drilling sensors (inclusive rigs, fluid systems, BOPs, downhole, etc).

The objective of the working group will be to evaluate current rig sensor functions and generate new sensor maintenance guidelines to ensure reliable sensor performance.

Volunteers who would like to get involved should have rig equipment operation and maintenance experience, an understanding of rig instrumentation, with exposure to data acquisition and drilling control systems.

To get involved or for more information, please contact Linda Hsieh (linda.hsieh@iadc.org).

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