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IADC Riser Gas Handling Guidelines aim to boost safety and efficiency in deepwater

Earlier this year, the IADC Underbalanced Operations and Managed Pressure Drilling (UBO & MPD) Committee released the Riser Gas Handling Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to address challenges associated with gas in the riser during deepwater drilling while utilizing surface back pressure MPD or installed riser gas handling systems. The utilization of this equipment can significantly change riser gas handling in deepwater – without it, gas in the riser events can potentially lead to uncontrolled riser unloading, said Oscar Gabaldon, Chairman of the Gas in the Riser Subcommittee. Speaking to DC from the 2023 IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas in New Orleans, La., on 22 August, Mr Gabaldon discusses the subcommittee’s work in drafting the guidelines, as well as their potential value for the industry.

Click here to purchase the IADC Riser Gas Handling Guidelines.



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