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Halliburton launches pair of new technologies at ADIPEC 2022

Halliburton announced the launch of two new technologies, one for surface well testing automation and another for reservoir characterization.

One of these new technologies, FloConnect, is a surface automation platform that automates surface well testing operations while monitoring and measuring factors related to the production of hazardous effluents. It helps reduce operational variability and optimizes workforce deployment, allowing more time and focus on data monitoring, collection and quality. The platform combines data visualization capabilities with interactive analytics to aid decision making, as well as identification and resolution of potential issues with a given well. Unlike purely remote-control systems, the FloConnect platform provides advanced decision-making support to the operator, ensuring process conformance while maintaining situational awareness.

The other technology, BrightStar, is a look-ahead resistivity service reveals structure and fluid boundaries ahead of the bit, enabling proactive drilling decisions and hazard avoidance to reduce operational risks while providing reservoir characterization and enhanced formation evaluation. The service detects changes in the formation ahead of the bit and reduces the uncertainty of the formation boundary positions. By looking ahead in low-angle wells, the service provides operators higher confidence to avoid unwanted formation exits.

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