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Gassnova CLIMIT agrees to fund eDrilling work on well control software for carbon capture

eDrilling was awarded 10 million NOK ($960,000) in funding from Gassnova CLIMIT to support the research and development of well control software for carbon capture and storage (CCS), along with other financial contributions from partners in the energy industry.

“Full-scale CO₂ storage demands comprehensive analysis and knowledge of reservoir and formation to eliminate risks for leakage underground. Well control technology for CCS addresses these risks for safe, efficient and controlled in-fill drilling in mature CO₂ storage. There is no tool available in today’s market to provide well control for drilling into CO₂ storage reservoirs,” eDrilling said in a statement. “By leveraging eDrilling’s years of success with well control of petroleum wells, the time and resources needed to launch reliable software for well control in CO₂ wells at the required technology readiness level efficiently reduces. It also enables easy integration with existing systems without the need to rip and replace.”

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