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New frac plug, data analytics tool target improved frac efficiency

On the first day the 2022 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Conference in The Woodlands, Texas, GEODynamics launched of a pair of tools that it says will help companies to improve productivity and efficiency at the frac site. The StageCoach data analytics system is designed to ensure uniform proppant distribution from cluster to cluster, integrating computational fluid dynamics modeling of proppant slurry movement with full-scale proppant transport surface test results into an engineering model. Meanwhile, its EVOLV composite frac plug reduces performance variables in horizontal completions by employing a shear ring design that can eliminate potential leak paths, erosion and pressure loss.

Speaking to DC in this video interview, Santo Petitto, Sales Manager at GEODynamics, and Steve Baumgartner, Senior Technical Advisor for the company, discuss how the new technologies work, as well as the benefits they can provide to frac operators.

Additional coverage from the Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Conference will be made available in DC’s March/April 2022 issue.

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