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GE releases new remote collaboration software to improve asset reliability inspections

GE Oil & Gas announced the release of InspectionWorks Connect, a remote collaboration software platform for the nondestructive testing (NDT) and inspection industry. InspectionWorks Connect provides real-time access to live inspection video and data from anywhere in the world, which enables smarter, faster decision-making, improves inspector productivity and reduces training costs.

As the NDT and inspection industry undergoes a major shift toward digitization and with experienced inspectors and technicians  retiring,  there is a shortage in qualified replacements. Technological advancements, such as InspectionWorks Connect, allow organizations to operate with greater inspection productivity, conduct more accurate, consistent inspections and shorten the learning curve for new inspectors.

“The NDT and inspection industry relies on accurate, real-time information to be effective,” Kermit Hoffman, General Manager Inspection Technologies, part of GE’s Measurement & Control unit of GE Oil & Gas, said. “Tools such as InspectionWorks Connect allow inspectors to harness the power of the industrial internet and make smarter decisions faster. This reinforces GE’s commitment to meet both current and future inspection needs.”

Real-time collaboration during asset inspections can deliver many asset reliability, process safety management and productivity benefits for asset owners, including;

  • Improved probability of detection and reduced false indications by allowing an expert second opinion on critical inspections.
  • Improved inspection productivity and faster startups during large, complex inspection jobs like maintenance turnarounds.
  • Quicker response and reduced travel costs for urgent inspections by allowing experts to participate remotely, rather than scrambling to an inspection site.
  • Faster and less expensive training for new technicians by giving them real-time access to expert support and a second opinion.
  • Improved safety and risk management outcomes by limiting inspector exposure to confined spaces, high temperatures, nuclear or security-critical inspection environments.

InspectionWorks Connect is a secure, encrypted solution that is embedded on NDT devices without the use of any additional equipment. It is also zero-install, which means that users only need a web browser to log in remotely. InspectionWorks Connect provides:

  • Live video streaming of inspections
  • Collaboration tools, including two-way chat communication and telestration
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Over-the-air software updates

“InspectionWorks Connect delivers expertise where and when it is needed to keep assets running and maximize efficiency,” Mike Domke, Product Manager, said. “This remote collaboration software improves productivity, increases asset time and reduces and controls operating costs.”

InspectionWorks Connect is currently available for use with visual inspections on the GE XLG3 and GE Mentor Visual iQ Videoprobes, as well as the Mentor EM eddy current portable.

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