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GDEP to provide quintuple pump for Catalyst Energy Services

GD Energy Products (GDEP) and Catalyst Energy Services, a stimulation service company specializing in hydraulic fracturing treatment, will partner on bringing “high horsepower, lower emissions technology” to hydraulic fracturing, the companies said in a statement.

Catalyst Energy Services selected GDEP’s Thunder 5000, a quintuplex pump with an 11-in. stroke rated for 5,000 horsepower, to maximize flow at a slower operating speed in its patents-pending, eco-conscious frac solution, VortexPrimeÔ. The pump contributes to the proprietary technology within VortexPrime that reduces the number of trucks in its fleet from twenty to eight. To date, VortexPrime has completed over 12,000 stages and provided both pump and operational data for the company.

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