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GDEP launches Redline+ Packing with improved geometry, performance

GD Energy Products (GDEP) launched its new Redline+ Packing for hydraulic fracturing, providing a significant improvement in packing performance life over the company’s standard Redline Packing. It features new materials and enhanced geometry to exceed industry standards and optimize performance in high-pressure environments.

The technology pumped more than 160 million lbs of sand prior to failure, while also reducing operational downtime. During a 12-week field trial in the Haynesville Basin at pressures up to 12,500 psi, it increased performance life on average by more than two times over standard Redline and extended maintenance intervals by 45%.

During an 11-week field trial in the Eagle Ford Basin at pressures up to 9,500 psi, Redline+ Packing showed an average increase in performance life of 44% over standard Redline. Less unscheduled maintenance was observed due to a lower risk of packing bore washes and resulted in improved overall safety.

Across both field trials, customers recognized ease of maintenance and noted a significant improvement in the speed of installation and removal time.

The patent-pending geometry improves sand exclusion and includes fortified materials guaranteed to reduce the risk of packing bore wash. It also features a refined material makeup — delivering longer product life and increased heat and abrasion resistance in high-pressure environments.

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