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Expro expands subsea intervention capabilities

Expro has expanded its subsea intervention capabilities, introducing two new well access solutions in addition to its subsea landing string system technologies.

The Intervention Riser System (IRS) will safely establish and maintain well access throughout riser to surface operations, replicating the functionality of the blowout preventer and providing a safe and reliable means of well control, connected directly to the production tree. With increased coil tubing cutting and disconnect capability, the IRS system provides an alternative dual-barrier, through-tubing system.

The new Riserless Well Intervention (RWI) system provides a field proven, established and reliable wire through-water integrated solution for carrying out cost-effective intervention and/or abandonment operations on all types of subsea wells. With a dedicated intervention vessel, all operating, deployment and retrieval efficiencies can be delivered safely and efficiently to clients.

These solutions further bolster the company’s established subsea offering, which also includes subsea test tree assembly (SSTTA) solutions, which form an integral part of a subsea landing string.

Expro’s latest development to the SSTTA is the Next Generation Landing String (NGLS), designed to fully comply with all aspects of the industry’s new API17G standard. It features a range of new functionality across its 7 3/8 valves, including high debris-tolerant ball mechanism and hydraulic latch mechanism, and dual-seal protection to both environment and control systems.

“With an increased requirement for subsea intervention, operators are looking for solutions to ensure safe operations and optimized production,” Colin Mackenzie, Subsea Vice President at Expro, said.

“This expanded product portfolio allows Expro to offer our clients any one of the three means of subsea well access, depending on the exact customer requirements,” Mr Mackenzie added.

“By offering a full service solution to subsea well intervention operations, we can bring multiple services under one contract to lower the cost, enabling operators to maximize their return on investment, whilst maintaining well integrity throughout,” Mr Mackenzie concluded.

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