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Enteq technologies launches real time communications system for RSS and MWD operations

The XXT-Hop series allows drilling contractors to access real-time data during live drilling operations.

Enteq Technologies launched the XXT-Hop series, a communications system that allows drilling contractors to access real-time data during live operations.

The system can be used in conjunction with Enteq’s rotary steerable system (RSS), the SABER tool, or configured to work with existing RSS and measurement while drilling (MWD) systems. It utilizes drop-in modules, consisting of a transmitter fitted above the RSS, which connects with a receiver in the MWD string to send real-time drilling data to the surface.  

The system removes the need for physical connectors, dedicated collar lengths and enables logging while drilling (LWD) to be run below MWD equipment rather than above, taking it much closer to the bit. Through accessing real-time data during downhole activity, contractors can make better and more efficient decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing risk. 

While the system’s primary function is to support operators and drilling contractors in the oil and gas industry, but it has also been designed for the wider energy transition sectors, such as geothermal drilling and methane abatement. 

“Technology has a crucial role to play in the downhole drilling sector, and will be essential to the industry’s future, not just in an economic sense, but with environmental impact and global emission reduction goals in mind too. By providing transparent data, maximising efficiencies, and avoiding lengthy delays or issues, Enteq can provide operators with greater confidence, convenience, and flexibility in their operations while reducing environmental impact,” said Andrew Law, CEO at Enteq Technologies.

The system’s modularity allows for multiple applications, from wireless MWD and LWD communications, to real-time RSS information and confirmation. By combining it with other existing systems, operators can obtain the benefits of the technology without completely refreshing or replacing their existing equipment.  

The XXT-Hop series has been developed to meet market demand with an initial range of 5m (16 ft) for standard equipment set up, and Enteq is currently developing a future version that will be suitable for ranges up to 25m (80 ft).  

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