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Enteq begins multi-well testing campaign for SABER in Australia

Andrew Law, CEO, Enteq (Source: Enteq Technologies)

Enteq Technologies kicked off an extensive multi-well testing program, having secured a long-term contractual relationship in Australia. Enteq’s SABER Tool (Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary Tool) and team arrived in Australia in late March before testing commenced in April.

Based on a concept originally developed by Shell, the SABER Tool has been field-proven in a range of operating environments during testing in Norway and the Catoosa Test Facility in Oklahoma last year. This latest testing campaign will see the tool testing across a series of wells in Australia.

The SABER Tool deploys a unique internally directed fluid pressure differential system for steering rather than using pads or pistons. By removing external components SABER offers significantly improved reliability and has the potential to drive operational efficiency across hydrocarbon production, geothermal energy, methane capture and carbon capture and storage at a lower initial cost.

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