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Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap seeks JIP funding

The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap initiative is seeking joint industry project (JIP) funding to accelerate delivery of its first major report. The initiative, launched in June 2013 and affiliated with IADC, SPE and AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International), details the development pathway that will be followed in automating the drilling process through a report that enables leaders to better understand the depth and breadth of drilling systems automation business opportunities.

To date, significant progress and insights into the drilling systems automation roadmap have been achieved with an all-volunteer organization. Since the industry is demanding this roadmap as guidance for many company initiatives, this JIP can help to accelerate the release from early 2018 to mid-2016. This acceleration comes at a challenging time for the industry, when innovation roadmaps need to pay dividends.

Industries typically fund technology roadmaps to explore and visualize technical and business opportunities. Integrated system roadmaps target integrated industry developments: Multiple suppliers need to integrate their various systems for an effective solution. A clear example from outside the drilling industry is the Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap funded by the US Department of Defense to enable the agency, in concert with industry, to pursue investments and business practices that drive down life-cycle costs for unmanned systems.

This JIP request is for $10,000 funding from 10 companies to meet the Stage I report budget of $100,000. This Stage I report will offer the drilling industry an early opportunity to evaluate the value of drilling systems automation prior to development and implementation. Funding companies will also be offered facilitated expert discussions elaborating on the content of the report.

For additional information about the JIP, contact John de Wardt, President of DE WARDT AND CO, here.  Additional information can also be found on the DSA Roadmap website.

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