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Oil States’ Swift DW2 RAR Connector (top) and Baker Hughes’ Sonus Acoustic-Set Liner Hanger System are among this year’s OTC Spotlight on New Technology winners.

OTC recognizes Spotlight on New Technology winners

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) recognized 15 technologies, including five from small businesses, as part of the 2024 Spotlight on New Technology Award:

  • Baker Hughes TRU-ARMS advanced reservoir mapping services
  • Baker Hughes Sonus Acoustic-Set Liner Hanger System
  • Hägglunds, a brand of Bosch Rexroth, Quantum Power
  • DeepOcean Autonomous Inspection Drone
  • Fugro Blue Dragon seafloor drill
  • Fugro Remote subsea inspection solution
  • Henkel LOCTITE Pulse
  • Oil States ACTIVEHub with ACTIVE-Latch
  • Oil States Swift DW2 RAR Connector – Ratchet Anti-Rotation Mechanism
  • Saipem Integrated Acoustic Unit

Small Business Winners:

  • BridgeFlow Valve BridgeFlow Mecha-nized Ball Valve
  • GOWell Multi-aperture Motion-compensative Pulsed Eddy Current Deep Detection Method for Multi-pipe Thickness Corrosion Measurements
  • GOWell Elastic Structure Nonharmonic Resonance Method for Through-Tubing Cement Evaluation
  • HYTORC Industrial Bolting Systems LIGHTNING PUMP Series
  • Nanoprecise Sci Corp NrgMonitor.
The tde powerline technology supports bidirectional downhole communication at 200,000 bits/sec and can be retro-fitted to existing drill pipe with premium connections.

Parker, TDE partnership aims to commercialize high-bandwidth drill pipe technology

Parker Wellbore and TDE have entered into an exclusive strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing the drilling process. The partnership will perform pilot projects and commercialize TDE’s proprietary tde powerline downhole power and data highway and will provide tde powerline services globally.

tde powerline will contribute to a greener, more efficient drilling process, emphasizing resource efficiency, emissions reduction and improved overall drilling safety. The ability to reduce NPT and improve safety by eliminating pulsers, turbines and batteries and enabling a continuous view of conditions at-bit and along-string measurements will drive immediate, informed and actionable decision making to deliver safe, efficient wells digitally and consistently, accurately and on schedule.

The technology is a downhole high-power, high-bandwidth data highway enabling intelligent digital drilling systems, a key enabler for AI-driven solutions and drilling automation. tde powerline wired drill pipe technology provides electric power from the surface via the drill string to the BHA and greatly increases downhole data streaming. The technology delivers 300 watts of power and supports bidirectional communication at 200,000 bit/sec – a near-fourfold increase from current wired drill pipe data rates or 10,000 times mud pulse data rates.

It can be retrofitted to existing drill pipe with premium connections at a Parker Wellbore facility or supplied as a pre-configured tde powerline drill string managed by the TDE/Parker partnership. No rig modification, repeaters or added operational run time is required, delivering a fully vendor-neutral, open-architecture platform for third-party BHA components.

Magnus RSS, MPD enable safe drilling of reservoir section in one run in Kuwait

Weatherford’s Magnus rotary steerable system (RSS) and MPD solutions were recently deployed in Kuwait to deliver a 6-in. reservoir section in one run. The objective was to drill a section from the Dharuma to the Middle Marrat formation. However, the wide mud weight range and narrow gradients of the reservoir section proved challenging when trying to control the well. Other objectives included avoiding stuck tools and loss situations by closely monitoring the equivalent circulating density (ECD) and to drop the inclination from 42° to 22°.

The Magnus RSS was selected, with a BHA that included the MFR (multi-frequency resistivity) tool and the HEL hostile environment LWD system.

The BHA was deployed, drilling 1,258 ft of the 6-in. section with the required dogleg severity and trajectory. Stabilizers on the BHA helped to mitigate the downhole vibration encountered.

MPD solutions, while not initially used, were deployed before entering the reservoir section due to the wide range of mud weights. The section was drilled safely to TD, and the BHA was tripped out of hole.

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